My first time

To be more specific – my first treatment session at my chiropractor’s. It was quickly done. No doubt about that. But so effective, and really nice. Both being there, and how I felt afterward.

She began with loosening up my hip-area. I was not only stiff, which I clearly could feel for myself and have done for ages. I was also a bit lopsided. When pointed out, I could easily understand that, had noticed that as well, but couldn’t have stated that myself.

I had to lie on my stomach on a special treatment-bench, which she heightened under the belly-area. Then I should breathe in, and when I breathed out she pushed the left part of my hip area downwards with her hands, quite hard, and at the same time, she let that bench-part fall down to its original bearing.

Then the same procedure to my right side. Did she do those pushes twice or only once on each side of the spine? Funny! I’ve already forgotten. Nevertheless! It didn’t hurt at all, and to my astonishment, it felt much better in my lower back already, after only these few movements.

Then she did the same thing between my shoulder-blades, to release the tensions lurking there. This, I clearly remember, she did twice. The second time a little bit higher up towards the neck. This didn’t hurt either, it was just a “huh” feeling, and afterward, that part of my back also felt much better. Some tensions had really been released.

I was kind of surprised, that this treatment session took such a short time to perform, but I reckon that is a very wise way to handle such problems as what I have suffered from during a very long time. Don’t mess too much with sore muscles, but let what you do be effective.

She is really skilled, my chiro-therapist. Not only my body knows that, also my soul does! Yes! Sometimes you just know, from within your heart, and all the way out to your pinky fingers. And toes. You just know, you are in good hands.

Then she told me to drink a lot of water, and take a walk. Not necessarily in that order, though I did drink some water in the “ladies room” before I left the clinic.

Since I had gotten there by biking, biking was okay as well. The rainy day didn’t hinder me a bit, and I did begin with walking for two kilometers before I biked the rest of my way home.

It was easier to walk than I had expected, despite the fact I had some uphills to start with, and it felt really good to be able to walk that freely. Now, I’m looking forward to my next treatment session on Thursday.

Not mine – but what a lovely thought, to want this one.

Diary dear

You know! There are some times when you have something to tell, but you can’t find the words for it. The event, the happening, the THING you have in your mind and want to tell someone about, seems to be too big. Too voluminous!

Like that, it is to me now, about what I experienced at the chiropractor. Not the appointment per se. It’s nothing odd about seeing a doctor or a dentist or – a chiropractor. It is what it is!

It’s just that this treatment will be very comprehensive. It will take quite a long time, and it will be quite expensive. Two sessions a week for six weeks, then one session a week for another six weeks, after that one every other week, I don’t remember now for how long, but lastly once in a month.

I get it! I’m not young, and I have had this stiff muscle condition for a very long time, it has just gotten worse lately and I don’t want to live like this any longer. It’s just too much.

I admit! I knew I would have to have these manipulations of muscles and joints for a period of time, though I didn’t know exactly for how long or how it would be done. Twice a week I didn’t expect, and the amount of money this whole thing will cost me, almost made me cry. Not that it will be a HUGE amount, and I will manage, but to me, it is quite a lot. I have to cut my normal expenses as much as possible.

I also didn’t expect the whole treatment period to be that long, ten months in all she estimated. A year from now, she said, I will be completely fit for fight again. Though I won’t fight, of course. But I will be able to move freely, to bike more and longer, and to take long brisk walks. I will also be able to sit and stand without any problems. No tired back. No pain in the neck. No stiff muscles anymore.

The mere thought of that, makes me feel wonderful and happy.

I know! I understand! When something has been going on for a long time in your body, it can’t be fixed with just one treatment session or two.
The healing must be allowed to take all the time it needs. Otherwise, the problem will just reappear.

I need to talk!

Yes! I need to talk. To myself. If someone else is listening, it’s fine. But not necessary. As a matter of fact, I need a place to whine a bit, to ponder a bit, to dig deep in myself – a bit. Of course I don’t speak out loud on a blog. That’s just an expression. I could say I write letters to myself! Maybe.

Why not on the other blog? On Thea by Me? Don’t know, exactly. Maybe to keep things apart that is not directly connected? You see… I need to talk about the Spirit within as well. At least sometimes. Perhaps.

Hence, to speak a bit in body-language, I visited a chiropractor today. I’m so tired of that stiffness in my body that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter what I try to do to help out.

Walking, biking and working out only seem to make it worse. And food? I try to eat nutritious and well. And less. Have lost weight the last three months. Since the TIA. I have lost almost 10% of what I weighed before. 7,9 kilograms which is roughly 9,5% I would say. And 12 centimeter slimmer around my waist now. That’s good. Really good! I’m in the safe soon now. And keep on losing weight, though maybe a bit slower now. Hope for 2 kilograms per month, for a couple of months. Want to loose another 7 kilograms. My main goal is to loose circa 14-15 kilograms in total.

But the stiffness has gotten worse.

I got a very thorough examination today. A good one. I don’t know the best words for this! Skewed? I’m a bit skewed here and there. The center of my body leans to much on the heels, and more on my left leg than on the right. My left shoulder is higher than my right, and the back bone area? I can’t explain, but it seems to have issues both here and there.

I can move my head sideways fairly well, like if I’m about to look behind me. But hardly not at all put my ear towards the shoulder. Neither of them. And over all, the muscles are very stiff. As a board. Or ten.

An imbalance of the nervous system, she said. The chiropractor. And to that it adds some inflammation. I can sometimes feel it as if the muscles make knots on themselves.

Now it’s still Monday, and already on Wednesday morning I’m going back to the clinic, to hear what’s wrong with me and what treatment I need. Well, in the core, it’s nothing at all wrong with me. Not per se. It’s just my body that need some professional help now.

Food supplements! For a long time I have been taking extra Magnesium. But as this stiffness condition have increased during the last weeks, since I began working out, actually, I began pondering what else I might need. Rose hip, one friend recommended. Collagen, my daughter said.

I bought grained rose hip a week ago, and yesterday I began to take collagen, type ll for joints and the fascia, as well. But it takes some time before one can see any result.

For some time I have tried to eat turmeric as a food supplement, but probably way too little. I hate the taste. But today I made turmeric paste. Easier to just swallow a spoonful of it with a glass of water or something, I just mustn’t forget to do that.

And don’t suggest golden milk! Please! I just can’t bear to drink that stuff!

Currently reading

I borrowed Anita Moorjani’s book “What if this is heaven?” from the library, then I also bought it on iBooks. Earlier I have read her first book “Dying to be me”. It’s a wonderful book about her near-death-experience, and I loved it.
I still do.

There is actually only one thing to say about this,
about the universe, about us and about the creator of it all. Literally all!

❤ Love is all there is ❤